WhatsApp for Business is Launched for Android

whatsapp for business

Now WhatsApp Business app has been released for Android in the market which we are hearing from some time ago. This is launched to help small and medium scale enterprises so that they can easily connect to there customers.

In India most of us are using Whatsapp and it will be very easy for business owners to connect with there customers. And in this case, both user and entrepreneur both get benefited.
WhatsApp Business app is not yet available in India but it has been rolled out in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the UK and the US.

One can easily get to know about any business account as it is registered with all details. And it also has confirmed accounts in which the business number is same as that WhatsApp number.

So what will WhatsApp charge for this Business app? Now its totally free may be incoming time its paid.

And users have full authority to block any unwanted messages from individuals or from the business.

Whatsapp has 1.3 billion users across world, which is very open possibilities for Whatsapp to generate revenue from this users.