Wedding Reception Food and Beverage Hacks for Couples on a Budget

“A low-budget, elegant wedding is within the reach of every couple.” –Polly Clements

Throwing a wedding is expensive. Just imagine all the elements involved—from the food down to the decorations and surely after your big day, you will be set back by a significant amount of money. One of the pivotal aspects of your wedding that would eat about a fraction of your budget would be solely on catering; there is no doubt about that. However, you cannot focus on simply regaling your wedding guests on food alone and neglect to the exercise the same attention and effort on other wedding elements. Unfortunately, finding an established and competent caterer that would only charge you a little less than an arm and a leg per wedding guest. But while finding a proficient caterer that charges you less than reasonably expected is impossible, staying within your catering budget is very much doable. With the tips, techniques and wedding reception hacks listed below; you can ensure that your guests would not only enjoy the food but still have enough in your wedding budget to give yourself a memorable wedding experience.

So, whether you are planning to hold the wedding in Casa Manila restaurant or elsewhere, make sure you take advantage of every peso you spend with these tips below:

1.)    Provide your own appetizers

Making your own appetizers, albeit time-consuming, can significantly lower your catering expenses. Employ the assistance of your family, relatives and kitchen-savvy friends and ask them to aid you in making frozen appetizers ahead of time. In this way, you can simply warm up these treats just right before cocktails are served. Most caterers charge a premium on top of their exorbitant fee for appetizers, and it is rarely included in the package. By doing them yourself, you are not only effectively cutting costs, but you would also be giving yourself and your relatives and friends a chance to bond.

2.)    Opt to serve your food buffet style instead of having servers

Having servers will cost you extra on top of the fee you are charged for catering. While having staff specifically hired to deliver food to your guests might sound like a classy and sophisticated way of dining, it can be incredibly costly. Furthermore, these same servers would take up room in your venue and may run the risk of colliding into each other. Truth be told, guests do not really mind having to queue for food, so long as what is served is appetizing. So skip on the servers’ fees and invest on quality food and presentation instead.

3.)    Bring your own liquor

You would not believe how much a wedding venue can extort from simply the liquor alone. In this regard, it would be best if you asked whether your booked wedding reception venue would allow you to bring your own wine, beer or liquor. In this way, you would not have to pay the inflated prices they charge simply for spirits alone.

4.)    Pick a venue that allows outside catering

More often than not, most wedding venues would have in-house catering services offered to couples. Under the guise of everything coming out cheaper than having to book a third-party caterer, they extend the catering services as a package deal in conjunction with the wedding venue itself. Unfortunately, more often than not, it would come out way cheaper if you booked a third-party caterer rather than have a venue that does the catering for you. In this regard, you can make a comparison as to which would come out cheaper.

5.)    Do not serve anything out of season

There is a myriad of seasonal foods and opting to serve them on your wedding while they are not in season can be incredibly costly. Prepare a menu beforehand and ensure that everything you choose to serve is in season. Remember, out of season foods would need to be transported long distances and this can significantly inflate rates.