Use of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

artificial intelligence- AI

The world of internet has changed a lot since its inception and it is the new developments in the field that have resulted in its success. If we look back in the time, the speed of the internet was slow, the websites were purely informational without any graphics and the simple text-based web pages looked clearly boring. In that time, online marketing wouldn’t have stood the mark and no person would have become so obsessed with the online marketing as they are now.

Slowly, over the years, with the incorporation of several elements like typography, virtual images and videos, the market also changed. This all happened with the improvement in the internet services. The technology improved and so did the speed and running a business became a valid option. Then came the smartphones, and the online marketing saw a boom. Everything became more convenient, everything became easier to access and people became a fan of this ease.

Websites pay an important role when it comes to attracting the customers. Earlier, making a website was a complex procedure, one had to had complete knowledge of the web technologies, HTMl and JavaScript. Every page had to be coded and there was so much work to do with the URLs, navigation etc. But then technology started making things easier. You longer needed to update every page with the address and placing a single address would do the deal. Then they specifically started focusing on the web development technologies and then came Artificial intelligence.

With that website designing became so much easier. People who didn’t have any idea of the java scripts could even work on them. In fact, in our course of clicking on so many websites, we all must have sometime come in contact with an AL powered website.

What is Artificial intelligence (AI)

It is that area o computer science that is used to create machines that are better and intelligent than humans. They develop the machine in a way that it can multi- task and help with problem- solving, reasoning, processing, perception, social and general intelligence, and now even creativity. This made a huge impact in the field of web development. All the services relating to it, be it web design, images, content development, search engine optimization, everything was automated with the help of AI.

Why artificial intelligence is important in the field of web development:

It makes the search engine faster

Customers, nowadays, want every information at the click of the hand. Sometimes, not even that as the phones have come up with voice search. It is now an important part of the website development industry as the demand for the same is increasing an soon we might see them as an option everywhere.

It makes the interaction better

The kind of interaction you have with the customers has a huge impact on the success of your business. Every website now comes with the option of chat box and this gives the customers the option to chat with the businessmen in real time and clear their confusion. With the implementation of AI, the chatbox would be similar to having a conversation in real and it would give the customer a better buying experience.

Personalised store experience

You cannot overlook the fact that with the boom in the online marketing, people have stopped visiting the stores. And no matter how convenient the online marketing feels, it cannot match the satisfaction level of visiting a store and getting a special treatment. Once the AI is implemented, you can have a personalised store experience right in your home and this would take the user engagement to another high.

If you search for web design company India, you would notice that more and more people are integrating artificial intelligence in the website development and it will soon take over the web development techniques.