Top trends in Human Resource Management for 2018

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The ever-evolving landscape of human resources management is continuously changing and 2018 is going to be a dynamic year for the world of HR. The continuous evolution in workplace has great impact on human resources management. What are the key trends to look for? Let’s delve into that!

  • This year we will see a rise of remote workforce as we are steadily approaching towards the future of agile working. A lot of changes, customization in the remote work landscape should be seen. For example the community of digital nomads is expanding at a rapid rate and this means the emerging companies would be supporting this special professional niche which consists international remote workforce as well, travelers and minority leaders & founders. The age of workaholics will come to an end and HR leaders will now acknowledge more the importance of relaxation, and rest which are essential for innovation in work. Organizations are clearly not looking for burnout but defined opportunities and boundaries. More and more companies will be investing in several wellness programs for employees’ especially mental health and physical fitness as well.
  • We will see advanced technology for the HR program management for recruitment and performance management. The modern HR leaders must take a note of this important aspect. Almost 50% of the organizations have already bought cloud-based HR application to save time and effort. The formal or traditional performance management programs will be replaced by the advanced ones in order to make room for more effective method. The ever-evolving performance management landscape needs the cutting-edge solutions to have better chance of success. With the help of the emerging technological advantage, now the human resources management team can eliminate the past uncertainties to ensure there’s accurate appraisal data which is absolutely crucial. These systems also drive more positive attitudes and feedback from employees. Apart from this, there is virtual and augmented reality, advanced machine learning are just some of the most advanced technology to take place in the industry at a rapid pace.
  • The flexible work schedule will become one of the top priorities in this year. Because millennials are now amongst the workforce and flexibility is a top priority for them. Companies that provide flexible work schedule will find more gains in recruitment and better retention.
  • Businesses are constantly competing in order to get the best talent. For today’s best candidate, job role or duty is the most important factor. Generally compensation and benefits are amongst the compensation which attracts the top talent. This year, businesses will be striving for a better employee engagement. According to the recent research, employees now expect more than just recreational facilities. Today’s workforce wants to feel valued and recognized for their work. Maintaining the positive employee experience would be one of the talent management strategies to look upon. This would be a particular need of the millennials who are constantly looking for job satisfaction. The human resources management team and the HR leaders must efficiently communicate about the organization’s culture, the social cause that it is serving and the role that everyone has in accomplishing the goal.