Top 6 Advices to build a meaningful career


After completing graduation, candidates need some career advice which will help them in taking their further decision in future. There is a much competition every year for getting the dream job. Many questions are puzzled in the mind of candidates such as they are worried about lack of experience, unsure about the company to choose in, and the fear of interview and how to crack it.   

Let’s discuss some of the major career advice tips for recent college graduates:

  1. Don’t let anyone decide your path: no one knows you better than yourself. So, set your goals on your own and you should be able to take your own decision. Don’t allow anyone to decide your future, after all, it’s your career and you should know all your abilities very well.
  2. Get a good job: finding a job can take a time. But you should be very careful not to mention any gap in the resume as employers may ask you about this during the time of interview. Candidates often struggle with finding a good job, then after graduation, they should do some internship, volunteering or part-time job. This will help in getting their dream job. 
  3. Research the company before appearing for an interview: before going for an interview you should fully research the company in which you are appearing for. You should know about the certain thing such as who will take your interview? About the company’s website, their main competitors, company’s culture, and the product they sell. Find as much as you can before appearing for an interview as the may ask you about their business.
  4. Check these career websites as to get your dream job: there are numbers of job portals which help you land your ideal job. Some of the job portals are Indeed, LinkedIn; Monster etc. these portals provide employment to the job seekers. Candidates can upload their resume in these portals which will help them, in finding the relevant job.
  5. Use social media for Networking: candidates can upload their resume on social media site such as LinkedIn. This makes easier before getting touch with the professionals in your field. Many organizations who are hiring seek for young professional on LinkedIn. So, you should have an updated resume and skills posted on the website. Facebook can also help you in communicating with the people in the company you would like to work in.
  6. Be positive: whatever the outcome will be, always try to be positive. Even if you are facing a problem in the interview process. Always have a positive outlook. Always remember preparation, experience and positive behavior will ultimately lead to achieving your dream job.

The above career advice will help you in choosing the right path. Many job opportunities are available on the job portal of Monster Singapore. You can simply visit the website in finding for the relevant job. Job seekers can upload their updated resume on the job portal, fill all the details and apply for the required job.

Author bio:

Chinmayee Jha is currently focusing her writing on the extensive domain of employment. She has written various articles and blog posts on resume writing, job search and hiring. She also likes to write about nature.