The Code To End All Be All


Gone are the days when there were barters for every piece of food item and every good that was worth trading. The people gathering at the marketplace in order to make the required exchange that they need as well the exchange of goods that the other person needs and then the cycle goes on forever. There is no end to the life that people were leading at that time. As a matter of fact the very invention of money was to thwart the whole idea of trying to barter for goods and then having to face all the other problems that would come with it and not to mention the convenience of the whole farce. That is why the invention of money was so important and that has paved the way for something great and easy for people to handle and that has controlled the world that we know for so many years and still might do the same in the future. Or will it?

The whole barter system was changed for something better, why shouldn’t money be put under the same scrutiny as that of goods? The whole idea is to make things easier and safer for people who are the sole reason the money exists. The future holds course for things like the Ethereum Code that not only helps the online traders to have the most secure form of transactions with money as well as other forms of cryptocurrencies but also have a new wave of systems where the future of money will take a different turn all together.

The Inevitability Of Things

It is quite natural for things to happen in the world for a reason and that things tend to take the turn that is most favourable for the people and that it ensures that people are the ones that always come out on top. Take the reign of kings and other monarchs of the world, there will always be an unlawful king that the people will get tired of and banish him or her and bring in something new and supposedly better. The same way barter was replaced by something better like money and money will be replaced by something supposedly better like an Ethereum Code or any other cryptocurrency that has a much better value in the society.


Without the evolutionary process people would not exist today and the same way without the evolution of money and other forms of monetary systems there would be no progression in the world.

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