How to start playing Minecraft (Tutorial for beginners)

Often play the game with the checkered visuals? Minecraft famous for its freedom and uniqueness does allow its players to make any building in accordance with the imagination that they crave.

Given that it has been two years more this list does not get updates, of course there are many other works that can replace some of the here. There are five works that must be willing to give its place to five other great new works.

Gone are works like architectural imitations in Spirited Away, Battlestar Galactica, USS Enterprise, Titanic, and programmable pianos. They are still a fantastic work, but of course we need some new faces, especially minecraft pe gratis, that are more astonishing (and fun) again.

But, do you want to know how to play Minecraft in a simple way? If you want to start playing the popular game, maybe at the beginning it is not so simple, even if it seems so.

In this “pixelated” construction game, players can embark on creating any type of construction using three-dimensional cubes and can explore the environment, collect resources and create objects with different utilities that they will have to achieve, fight against creatures (mobs) or fight against other players. Probably what has made it very popular, is the appearance of different independent game servers with different modifications, game modes, specific worlds and different rules of the game: But to begin, let’s play the official modes of Minecraft to get the hang of it (Creative Mode or Survival). It is available for almost all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac or Linux and can be purchased on their official website for 19 euros or in the respective application stores.

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Some tips to play Minecraft (beginners)

– Collect everything you can, especially wood and stone.
– Build your oven, your table to make objects and to work the stone. As soon as you can, create a chest to store objects and release your inventory.
– Build your house as soon as possible and very close to the place where you appeared in the game. If you die you will go back there, and you will have to collect all your objects again in the vicinity.

– Try to create your house with safe materials (stone).
– He makes torches with sticks and charcoal.
– He makes a pickaxe an ax: first of wood and then with wood and stone (more resistant).
– To get stone you will need a peak.
– Be careful with the water you drown.
– Make a bed as soon as you can.
– Put torches around your house to protect you from the mobs. You can also create a moat and a safe room inside the house.
– Try to find all kinds of minerals by digging deep into a cave.
– If you leave your house, go leaving a mark to know how to return (stacking blocks and reaching a certain height can be useful)
– Get food (kill some animal) and subsequently create a farm.