Significant Tips for Effective Oral Care for Your Infant

You may have heard this time and again that it is much better to start early than regret later. This also goes for our oral health. When it comes to the oral health of infants, it is crucial that you have the right information from an early stage.

Although it is true that your kids’ teeth are temporary but they are not safe from susceptibility to decay as well as infection. Moreover, the best dentist in Middle Village suggests that mothers can also pass the damaging bacteria to their babies. So knowing the correct approach to oral care for the babies will help you to provide the best care possible at every stage of the baby’s growth.

Early childhood dental decay or caries is a widespread infectious disease for the infants. It also happens to be the most avoidable one. Taking the right steps at every stage can improve the oral health and can also prevent it entirely.

So here are a few steps that you should follow for ensuring that.

  • In the second trimester of your pregnancy, you must schedule your own dental exam and cleaning. The basic care and cleaning are quite safe for the baby and can reduce the bacteria transmission as well as infection. You must avoid any kind of cosmetic procedures until your kid is born. Apart from that, you should also delay the emergency procedures such as extractions if possible.

  • You should schedule your baby’s first oral or dental care exam as soon as the first tooth erupts or not more than one year of age. The goals of the first visit include the following:

    Education – Paediatricians and the paediatric dentists recommend dental wellness visits every six months till your baby is five years old.

    Assessments of Risk – Your paediatrician will tell you whether you need to take any additional steps based on the exam.

    Referrals – This involves choosing a paediatric dentist who will provide consistent care over the next five years.

  • In the first few years, you should clean the gums of your infant in the morning as well as in the evening and also after feedings. This will prevent food build-up and also the bacteria formation in their mouth. The best technique is to wrap a clean index finger with gauge and gently wipe the gums of the babies.

  • At the time when your kid starts teething, you should use easy-grip and soft bristled brushes. You should continue with this practice for the first two years.

Make sure that you avoid the overexposure of fluoride for your infants both as bottled water as well as toothpaste. You should not let the baby fall asleep with the bottle in their mouth or nursing. This will minimise the effect of bacteria development. Don’t share your drinking straws, utensils and cups as that can trigger transmission of bacteria.

If you keep all the above in mind, you can rest assured that your baby will have the most effective and safe oral health care which will not only give you peace of mind but will also make sure that they can flaunt their smile whenever they want.