Not able to check page Cached or Not? Check This.

404 error

From last few days, everyone is facing the issue that Google is not Cache of the webpage. Isn’t content is Cached and indexed or not.
I was also facing this issue. But now got a solution.
How we check the cache of webpage or website:-
And after checking this google shows 404 error. Here is the image – Google shows 404 error.

404 error

Now here is a simple trick, how you can check your content is cached or not.
Just enter your full URL on Google typehead.
Just like this shown in Image-


Now click on Cached option shown in the image. You will be redirected to the new page.

Now you will see one URL something like this:-

And what you need to do just remove “www.” from URL. before your domain.

Here is sample-

Now you can check when last Google bot has Cached your webpage.