Nitish Kumar, and the manual to survival at work

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Nitish Kumar

In a lofty speech, as Nitish Kumar declared that his mandate turned into to serve the humans of the nation, not one particular own family, he’s being in comparison to the wily Chanakya and termed opportunist at the same time. He have stuck it out and end up the beacon of hope as leader of a fragmented competition?

As Nitish Kumar writes the script of Bihar politics, changing friends and foes at will at the political merry-cross-round, is he the not going hero of our instances? He’s checkmated the master of all of them, Lalu Prasad Yadav, who over a decade ago, hooked up his spouse Rabri Devi as chief Minister when he was charged within the fodder rip-off. Now because the own family watches, the former underdog has pulled the rug from below their toes.
In a lofty speech, as he declared that his mandate became to serve the humans of the country, not one specific family, he is being as compared to the wily Chanakya and termed opportunist at the same time. must he have stuck it out and end up the beacon of hope as leader of a fragmented competition? That’s a query simplest his very vocal judgment of right and wrong can solution, in a quiet second. however, till then, it’s really worth wondering whether or not we’re now not all guilty of the equal opportunism, in our careers. think of these networking meetings, maintaining in touch with “pals” handiest because you can want them one day for a career enhance or smiling through gritted enamel at a person you don’t approve of professionally?

a few years ago, once I end my first process and went returned to satisfy my boss, I noted workplace politics as one of the motives I possibly didn’t quite experience my stint there. He laughed at that and said it became a part of the deal. I’ve in no way forgotten that. office politics is a truth to be dealt with pragmatically, now not some thing to give up a task over, at the least now not without trying to cope or even higher, overpowering it.
I’m reminded of that because the Nitish Kumar drama of quitting as Bihar leader minister and being reinstated in hours played out, sparking debates over the immorality of politics and Kumar specifically.

Reflect on consideration on it as a work situation. you have a colleague whose paintings ethics you don’t admire, however are forced to paintings with, as part of a group. The best other alternative is to give up. What could you do? in case you search for advice from pals and family, chances are they could let you know to grin and endure it. Don’t reduce off your nose to spite your face or something like that. keep your eye on the give up goal— finish the task, get your salary and save your emails if you want them!
existence teaches you quite rapid that quitting a task while the going gets hard or to make a high ethical factor, harms no one but you. It’s high-quality to simply stick it out, lie low in positive conditions and ride the phase or, loaf around till you get a higher alternative. It’s what survival is all approximately. Many bosses are brief to coins in on enmity, pitting competition towards each other or putting them inside the same crew, so that they try to outdo the alternative.

Nitish Kumar’s case is a survivor’s tale to overcome all others. The best thing that’s making it awkward is the consistent connection with the call of sense of right and wrong. It’s definitely the story of unabashed survival, getting ahead to satisfy one’s non-public political dreams at all charges. And, for the ones, who’re geared up to ally with him—buddies-grew to become-foes-grew to become pals-turned foe and buddy again? — the writing on the wall is obvious. The cycle will preserve. as long as he receives to be in the driver’s seat, it doesn’t seem to depend who the companions are. There’s something to be said for the ones who’ve hopped alongside for the experience too. Isn’t it opportunistic to ally with a person who not goodbye in the past indulged in some very public call-calling against you? well, opportunism is just every other call for survival. And whilst it’s just every other day for Indian politics, all of us need to introspect about how far we’re going to visit attain our desires. How a great deal is an excessive amount of? It’s time to look inside the mirror.


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