Never miss your favourite cartoons on DishTV!

Out of all the things I have to do at home, there is a clear favourite when it comes to what I like to do the most. There is no feeling as good as coming back home and chilling out in front of the TV. In fact, I always thought it was just my favourite thing to do. Little did I know that it is the same for my kids too! If you have not noticed either – give it a look, children love watching their favourite dose of cartoons fresh after they are done with school. Just like us, they need their time off school and their chores, it is the best time for them to live their age!

I have a DTH connection at home (DishTV) and was pleasantly surprised to see that they have partnered with interaction television to begin Cartoon network games in India. The channel is one of the most watched channels by kids and now it is a step more than just a channel for cartoons. There are games that are accessible on the ‘PlayZone Active’ which presents 8 different kinds of games that are present on the different cartoon characters that are popular on the channel.  These Cartoon Network TV Games Active Service are accessible on the channel #967 and have already got plenty of attention from kids all around the place. Well, my kids are at least! It is the most happening change on the television set for them right now.

It is only when I started seeing what they are playing that I got a lot more intrigued about the games. Some of the kid’s best characters are present – Powerpuff girls, Ben10, Roll no 21 and many more. This DishTV DTH Add-On Pack is not just in the metros but even in other cities and towns as well. Quite a good roll out, tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities would be able to access these channels too.

With such channels at hand, it does make it really easy to keep the kids entertained at home. That apart, it does show a huge step ahead when it comes to technology on your TV! There would never have been a time few years ago that we would have foreseen such technology coming through. The channel is available right now on #967 and the TV Game Active Service can be on your TV within seconds. The new active service is almost a breath of fresh air in what is an overcrowded space on DTH networks. It is almost a kind of innovation that has been long due in the industry. With such options at hand, you can be sure of having some great options on your remote.

It really is a world of change as compared to the kind of entertainment from a few years ago. One of the biggest advantages is the ease at which you can get access to these forms of entertainment too. In fact, it took just a couple of minutes to get a new channel subscribed. All it takes is an SMS from the registered mobile number and voila, you are good to go in a matter of minutes. This apart, a few months ago, I recharged my DishTV account from the neighbourhood store and was able to view uninterrupted television in seconds. The ease at being able to choose a set pack of channels is something that is extremely pleasant too. You can get affordable packages that has every channel you would need at home. No more bickering about channels – you have them all. Apart from the selected set of channels, you can also have a specific channel that is added on quite easily. It is without doubt the best form of entertainment you can have on board for your children – they would love it.