Why do you need to develop a Mobile App for Your Enterprise?

With the world going digital, where every second person is on the internet, how can your business not take the advantage? This era talks about being tech-savvy, it demands actions on fingertips. This is the reason that there has been a growing need for a mobile application. Online shopping has a new phase and outlook; if you haven’t developed an Enterprise mobile app, it’s time to do so.

Many may argue for if the mobile app is the need or a fad.

So, let us have a look at the numbers.

A recent survey showed that the market need for a mobile enterprise app is growing every year by 125%. It is expected to increase by $63 billion by the end of this decade. Besides, it is going to help in productivity as well. Through Mobile app development, more than 200 hours of extra productivity from each employee is generated. Most of the Fortune 500 companies plan for HTML 5 mobile apps for this reason.

While your competitors are busy minting money on the app, how can you not take the benefit of the same? To argue there are several points to ponder on, however, I would like to summarize on the following points that seem legitimate to me.

Your real motive behind Mobile app development

Each, Every Entrepreneur’s Purpose Is To Generate Leads, Have Increased The Number Of customers and generate revenue. It benefits in generating revenue and goodwill for you in the market.

So while you may think, if this is the right way to go ahead, let us see it in this aspect-

An Enterprise mobile app will help you know your customers better and vice versa. The products you are launching or perhaps launched may have some drawbacks which you may not be aware of. Let’s say you are into the hot bag selling business. The quality you offer is top-notch, but there isn’t a handle to hold, which is why when one pours hot water, there are chances of the user burning his finger due to the handling of the hot water bag. This ideally could have been reviewed on your site, but with the app, you know it better, your customer can get in touch with you instantly, and in turn, you earn brownie points on making changes.

Easily Accessible And Approachable

Come what may, when there is a need to access something important even when you are on the barren land, the Web-Based Application does wonders for you in giving you access to the data at any time from anywhere. You can get connected with your employees, your clients, your suppliers on just one click.

Get Offline Access To All Your Work

Whether in flight mode or in remote places where internet is a luxury or let’s say, poor connection to the internet, what do you do then? There is every chance of your work getting stopped due to this. But when you have Enterprise app development, you get to access even when you are offline. You can access your data, presentations, also when you are unable to access the data.

Wondering How Can That Happen?

Well, the enterprise application automatically coordinates the data in the background and stores it for you on your mobile device. So, are you still worried?

Making Your Brand More Visible And Reachable

With Mobile app development it will be easy to reach to the customers, clients easily. It becomes easy for the people to look for you and not waste time on search engines typing long URLs. Moreover, once the brand is more visible on the phone, as every time the mobile is opened, the customer ought to browse through it.

Web-Based Application Shows Better Social Media Integration

Social media integration is needed for integrating marketing campaigns. It helps in increasing awareness towards marketing and promoting your brand online. The Web-Based Application enables you to share button on the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram etc. You can have contests for your brand, online gaming app, competitions and so on.

Get Higher Return on investment

It is a one- time investment in making Enterprise mobile app but once established, is sorted for a lifetime. With mobile applications growing, it helps in bridging the gap between the customer and you. It allows customers to make online transactions secure. It simplifies the shopping experience. You can provide with necessary notifications of your offers, discounts. Send them invoice or bill through your application. Web-based applications can store the record of the transactions. Warranty details, service details, ask for feedbacks, surveys, offer virtual wallet for faster checkouts, all this and more can be provided.

It’s a win situation for you, employees and your clients. If you haven’t developed a mobile app yet, you are still not late!