The banking industry is probably the most associated industry when it comes to certifications. In fact, if we deeply analyze this particular association we would come to the conclusion that verticals like chartered accountants, bankers, accountants have always had to go through a rigorous examination procedure and tests. To name a few, a neutral observer could easily have heard of the following types of certifications:

Certified bank teller

Certified financial planner

Chartered financial planner

Certified financial marketing professional

And last but certainly not the least, Certified trust financial analyst

An investment banking certification goes a long way in establishing faith in the recruiter of the abilities of a professional. It is a proof that the incumbent will be able to carry out the tasks that the certification was meant to make him/her perfect at.

It would at this point be wrong to simply say that only the students who are bachelors or even post graduates in the financial hemisphere are able to become senior managers in their respective banks. As a matter of fact, there are a significant number of people who have the support and knowledge of these certifications and have gone on to rise to senior positions within their banks or firms. Retail bank officers are known to hold a CFMP or CPB which is offered by the American Bankers Association. There are on the other hand also examples of establishments taking responsibility for the tuition fees for the professionals who have the zeal to apply for one type of investment banking certification or the other.

Who offers such credentials?

It depends on the kind of credential that we are discussing. American Bankers Association is one of the bodies along with universities such as the Boston & the University of Phoenix. Apart from enhancing a professional’s employability status a banking professional certification also allows you to earn a higher salary. There is a considerable amount of regulatory bodies that require any of the senior managers or leaders in a financial organization to have a requisite type of qualification for whom there are such certifications. This is just to make sure that the day to day operations are carried out perfectly.

Those banking professional certifications that are being offered by American Bankers Association include the following:

Certified Banking Teller

Certified Customer Care Representative

Certified financial marketing professional

That’s not all, there is the parallel of compliance and risk management. the following fall in the ambit of such certifications:

Certified regulatory compliance manager

Certified financial services securities operations professional

Certified information security professional

Moreover, those involved mortgage lending professionals can look forward to enrolling themselves in a Certified lender business banker professional certification.

There are other bodies as well in the worldwide business of credentialing such as the Investment Banking Council of America. Talk of a valuable investment banking professional certification and IBCA should be on your radar.