Palace on Wheels covers all important tourist destinations of Rajasthan. This would obviously include the city of desert, Jaisalmer. The city is a mesmerizing region and an important trading spot of the past. Today, you can find a majestic fort, havelis, ancient structures and the vast sand dunes. Do not forget to try the cuisine of the land. Although a desert region with minimal vegetation, the region has managed to have a rich cuisine.

Reach Jaisalmer

On the fifth day, the train reaches the Golden City of Rajasthan – Jaisalmer. From Udaipur, the train starts its journey towards Jaisalmer and reaches the station by 7:30 in the morning. The train halts at the station, while the tourists get ready for the off-rail excursion. By 9 in the morning, tourists will be taken in luxury vehicles for a road trip.

Top activities in Jaisalmer

Palace on Wheels itinerary covers both sightseeing, culture and adventure activities in this trip. Here are the top destinations covered in the trip.

Jaisalmer Fort

This is a grand fort, which houses a citadel, ramparts and covers most of today’s city. You can find several entrances to the fort. Once inside the fort, you can enjoy numerous sightseeing spots, palaces, havelis and other architectural marvels. Even the entrance gates to the fort are designed with rich carvings and beauties.

Nathmal ji ki Haveli

Havelis are ancient courtyard houses built for the royal family or prime court members. This haveli was built in the 19th century and the building is filled with artworks, carvings, ancient décor items and much more.

Salim Singh ki Haveli

This building is more than 300 years old. A region of this haveli is occupied by the royals. This haveli was occupied by the prime minister of Jaisalmer court. This mansion is famous for its carved structures, arched roof and other architectural marvels

Tazia Tower

This is a pagoda styled tower, holding five tiers. Each storey has a carved balcony and the structure is an important historic element. This tower is located in the Cloud Palace or the Badal Mahal.

Patwon ki haveli

This is the largest haveli of the city. This is a group of five similar havelis, built during 19th century. This structure is famous for the antique collections, carvings, idols, architectural marvels and many others. The miniature painting and carved balconies are the top attractions of the site.

Jain temples

The temples are located within the fort and they are of high pilgrimage importance. Apart from the spiritual value, these temples are famous for its architecture and paintings. These temples are built with sandstones, in the Dilwara temple style (the temple of Mount Abu). The temple also holds a large library, which is open to tourists. Many manuscripts in this library are found only here.

Sam sand dunes

This is the iconic attraction of the region. This sand dune is famous for its unique desert landscape. The site is very famous for camel safari. Camel safari ends in a campsite, where tourists can enjoy cultural programs. Later, tourists are taken back to the city, to start the return journey to the train.