Improving Customer Experience on an E-Recharge Site

We see our customers as invited guests to a party and we are the hosts, it’s our job every day to make every aspect of customer experience a little bit better” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon.

Evolvement of technology and advancement in science has made our lives remarkably easier. Though it was all a bit tacky in the beginning, can we imagine our lives without Smartphone now? One does not need to be a tech savvy to reap the benefits of any technology. Business is another dominant topic in today’s word. However, both technology and business are intertwined and share a love-hate relationship. They might not go hand in hand but has to travel together to ensure betterment in every aspect. One such latest field where technology is used to provide the customers with more desirable experience is e-recharge.

What is an Online Recharge?

It has gained a lot of momentum lately. Online recharge is all about recharging your prepaid accounts without having to step out of your house. There are a plenty of websites where one could recharge. The site happens to be an intermediary between you, your bank and the respective service provider. With increasing competition in the field, satisfying every customer becomes the key.

Online recharge could be done on few sites and also through mobile applications. Apps also include banks. Be it the app or the website, keeping the interface simple is impossible. The comfortable and user-friendly interface makes the whole process less laborious. Guided links that takes the customer to the required page without much confusion are better. The straightforward interface also makes sure the site loads and processes even with a slow internet speed. This makes the task easy while travelling or when you are straggled in an area with not much coverage.

Is eRecharge of DTH Possible?

Yes, the e-recharges are available for mobile phones and DTHs as well. The sites/apps need to be updated with all the recent offers and promotions applicable for Online Dth recharge. A list of pre-built questions to understand what a customer wants and accordingly matched offers are great. It becomes a cakewalk for the customer to have all the required details on the screen. Comparing the offers and deciding on what’s best becomes effortless.

What should be taken care of while doing online recharge?

The website/ app could also include offers and promotion from their end to raise the customer traffic. For instance, free points with every recharge or a discount of some amount while you recharge next. Likewise, a message that reminds the customer to eRecharge of DTH time to time could be immensely helpful. A direct link to the website along with the message keeps the customer rooted. The website could also be linked to other shopping sites like Amazon or Flipkart. Depending on the money spent on shopping, a small amount could be rewarded as a discount for your recharge. A simple mantra, “Anything that comes free of cost or with a discount attracts mass” works well.

Spam messages and calls are another considerable threat while one opts to recharge online. The mobile number or other personal details of the customers are to be maintained safely. Payment options that are hassle-free yet safe add to the advantage. Most of the sites use the customer’s card details for the recharge. Due care for secure and speedy payment is a must.

While most sites host a plethora of options to recharge a prepaid account, there are not many options when it comes to a postpaid account. A few plans for postpaid connections could be introduced. For example, if you know that you are going to be travelling in a week’s time and can’t afford to pay bills then, the site could help you do it beforehand. There could be an online chat box where you resolve your doubts/queries on a one to one basis. This not only saves so much time but makes it incredibly easy for the customer and company.

A Quick Conclusion

Above all, a customer care team that’s very dedicated and lends an ear to consumer complaints is mandatory. Mistakes happen but managing and correcting them on time creates a good impression. It is important to be welcoming. Responding calmly and genuinely helping customers resolve the complaints could be a game changer. Every site offers the same service but how you provide matters sincerely. To thrive and be successful, knowing the demands and working on that is required. According to Bill Gates, “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning“. Paying heed to customer complaints and requirements opens new channels for development and sustenance.

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