Google Doodle pays Tribute to the man behind Film Montages, Sergei Eisenstein

Sergei Eisenstein is well-known film director and father of montage films. And Google celebrated his 120th birthday through doodle. He was born in Latvia and he has served Red Army.  While serving Red Army, he has developed the interest in theatre and started working as a designer in Moscow.

The doodle shows a series of films rolls and images of Eisenstein’s films. The doodle shows the sequence of images in the continuous loop that creates the effect of montage.

Sergei Eisenstein

His first film feature film ‘strike’ released in 1925. Some of his great work is like Battleship Potemkin and The General Line. His work was really appreciated by people.His cinema vision was revolutionary and created revolution for struggling downtrodden workers against ruling class.