Family Homes: Home Features to Look for When You are Expecting

“Having someone to love is family. Having someplace to go is home. Having both is a blessing.” –Author Unknown

Home: (noun): A place where one lives; an environment affording security and happiness; a valued place considered a refuge or place of origin.

Starting a family is an exciting phase of your life.

However, expanding your family would often mean expanding your space as well. More often than not, this would mean a search for an ideal family home. However, your new family home should not only have enough space for you, your spouse and soon-to-be kids. It should also have distinct family-friendly features that would make it a feasible place to live in.

So, on your quest to finding the perfect family home, ensure that these family-friendly home features would be present—whether you opt to live in West Gallery Place or elsewhere—are present. No doubt, it would make the entire home search process smoother:

  1. Park and Rec

In the Philippines, it is not recommended to park your car out in the streets. Not only would It be considered rude, but you would also effectively be an obstruction to oncoming traffic considering that the streets in the Philippines are rather small. In any case, you might be satisfied with the occasional street parking or public transit when it comes to covering your commuting needs. But when you already have a kid, you would be thankful to have a reliable and readily available parking place in your home. After all, you would not want to carry that car seat or stroller and possibly a set of groceries six blocks just to get home.

  1. Kid friendly floors

Kids are notorious for making big messes. In the first six years or so of their lives, you would be spending most of it cleaning floors. Cleaning your floors would often mean scrubbing, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping and the like. Sure, carpet might add extra cushion, not to mention it looks posh and attractive. Unfortunately, it requires more intensive care and is not exactly considered practical when you have kids. Wood or wood laminate floors are a little hard on heads but would repel spills and messes better than carpet would.

  1. A good fence

In searching for a home for your new family, you should not only choose a good neighborhood to raise your kids, you should also choose one with a good fence as well. A well-fenced home means that you can give yourself the peace of mind as well as the relaxation you deserve when your kids do go out of the house to play. In this regard, you would not have to worry about them running out to the streets. With a proper fence, you can make your home’s yard a safe place for your kids to run and roam around.

  1. Consider a single-storey home

Unfortunately, a kid’s first instinct when they see a flight of stairs is to climb it. Yes, baby gates and the like would stop them from even finding a foothold or begin climbing the staircase. Unfortunately, they can be a bit of a hassle for adults as well and would tend to impede your path of way. So, consider a single-storey family home—at least when you still have little tots who are still crawling or learning how to walk.

  1. Kid-Friendly Paint

There is no way around it. Once you have children, you can expect your walls to be subjected to their little art experiments and childlike paintings. So, what are you to do? Well, you cannot expect to be painting and repainting your walls every time it gets drawn on or every single time your lipstick becomes a medium for their wall art. With this in mind, find a home that has walls painted in easy-to-clean semi-gloss. In this regard, grime would be a lot easier to clean from the walls.