Diabetes Mellitus: Types, Symptoms & Natural Way Of Prevention

If your body experiences high blood sugar level regularly, then you are more likely suffers from the Diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which body has elevated glucose level than the average blood glucose level. A WHO report says that more than 105 million death occurred in 2012. Hence Diabetes can be fatal or harmful to the Usually the blood glucose level is maintained by two hormones such as Insulin and Glucagon. Both of these hormones are secreted by the Pancreas, Beta cell, and alpha cell respectively, but both of these hormones act opposite to each other, i.e. antagonistic to each other. When the blood has high blood sugar level the beta cell of Pancreas release insulin which result into the lowering of the blood glucose level whereas when the body has low blood sugar level the alpha cell of Pancreas release Glucagon producing in healthy blood sugar level.

Types of Diabetes:

Diabetes is also known as Diabetes Mellitus, is mainly of three categories which are listed below:

  • Type 1

This form of Diabetes is also known as insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus. It occurs due to the loss of a beta cell, responsible for the production of insulin. Autoimmune disease and a genetic disorder is the leading cause of the Type 1 diabetes.

  • Type 2

Type 2 diabetes occurs due to the insulin resistance, i.e. the cell fails to respond to insulin. Due to which the blood glucose level rises to the average level. Hence this kind of Diabetes is regarded as non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. The leading cause of this type of diabetes is high body weight, lack of sufficient exercise, etc.

  • Gestational Diabetes

When the high blood sugar reported in pregnant women without any previous diabetic history.

Diabetes Mellitus Symptoms:

Here are some common types of symptoms reported in diabetes:

  • Hyperglycemia, i.e. when the body glucose level is high than the average glucose level
  • Frequent Urination
  • Increase in the urge of drinking water
  • Increase hunger
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Stroke
  • Cardiovascular Diseases

How To Reduce High Blood Sugar Level Naturally:

The blood sugar can be overcome naturally. Find the below-listed way to overcome your blood glucose level.

  1. Perform exercise regularly
    Regular exercise helps you to maintain your body weight and also increase the insulin sensitivity. Increase insulin sensitivity means better regulation of blood sugar level. During training your muscle also use blood glucose for the energy and muscle contraction.
  2. Keep Your Body Hydrated
    Drinking of water helps you to maintain your blood glucose level within the healthy limits. Drinking high amount of water helps your kidney to removes excess amount of blood sugar level from the body through urination. Before drinking of water ensure that your water is properly treated or gone through water purification system.
  3. Know Your Crab Intake
    Your body converts carbohydrates into sugar into the blood from where insulin moves the sugar into the cell. When your body receives more concentration of Glucose, or you have a problem with insulin function then this process which results in the high blood sugar level.
  4. Avoid stress
    Stress can also affect your blood sugar level because some hormone such as Glucagon which increases the blood glucose level.
  5. Take Proper Sleep
    Getting sufficient sleep is vital for the good health. Improper sleep and lack of rest can affect your blood glucose level and also change insulin sensitivity. It can increase the appetite and result into the high body weight.
  6. Take Herbal extract
    The herbal extract can have a positive impact on your body, and it may help in controlling blood sugar level. Most of the doctor doesn’t consider supplements as a treatment so before taking these supplements to consult your doctor.


  1. Yes, Diabetes is a fatal disease, and you can’t get rid of this diseases. Hence preservation is the best way to protect yourself from this deadly diseases.