Data Science In The Wake Of Hype

Big Data has made huge waves in the tech industry and companies have also started recognizing the importance of big data for informed decisions to not only meet goals but also stay way ahead of their competitors. But what generally companies don’t realize is that it is not a day’s work to screen, clean and present data in a way that is presented in simple language that is understood by everyone including the decision-makers.

And this is where, the job of data analytics gets transferred to a trained and experienced data scientist who knows how to handle the huge crux of data constantly streaming in.

Data Science And Data Analytics Certification

Much as you want to be a data scientist as soon as you have finished your educational qualifications, there is a glass ceiling for the entrants who are planning to become a data scientist right from the go. Yes, recruiters are little jittery to offer a position of data scientist to a new entrant even if you have said or requisite qualifications. Why you may ask? The reason is quite simple – as a data scientist you will be dealing with loads of crucial data that is constantly streaming in which is both structured and unstructured. And decision makers don’t want to make a wrong hire with someone who will be handling such crucial and sensitive data.

So then how can you become a data scientist? By following the route of data analytics. Yes, data analytics. You first enter the big data industry by being a data analyst for an organization. That’s when you will get to understand an organization better – what sort of data it has, how can that data help in making informed decisions for the company.

Now that you know the route to become a data scientist in an organization, do you know that the route to become a data analyst is also not easy and you need to have numerous internships in the industry along with data analytics certification from reputed certification bodies.

Certification not only validates your skills and qualifications but also assures the prospective recruiters and employers that you are dedicated and devoted to your profession or field. You can apply for Data Analytics certifications from the certification bodies like Hortonworks, Coursera, DASCA and Dell EMC among others.

Once you have a data analytics certification along with your educational and technical skills you may start applying for the jobs. For a data scientist there is still more work to be done. You need to gain professional experience; you need to pursue a data science course that will teach you all about the skills required to become a good data scientist along with certifications that will help you surge through your career with ease.

So, what does a data science course comprises and how to choose the best data science certifications

Data Science Course And Data Science Certifications

Data Science Course teaches all the basic skills required to become a successful data scientist including technical and educational skills like Masters’ Degree and PhD in mathematics and statistics, followed by computer science. Once you have acquired the required skills and experience you can apply for certifications from reputed certification bodies like:

  1. Hortonworks: It offers certifications for both entry and the senior levels for big data professionals.
  2. DASCA: DASCA or Data Science Council of America offers two major big data science certifications that come with certain prerequisite criteria to be fulfilled
  3. Cloudera: It offer its unique Cloudera Certified Data Analyst Certifications for both entry and senior level.