Co Founders Agreement in India

CO founder Agreement

Is a co founders agreement in India the like an investor’s contract?

They are not the exact same.

A Shareholders contract is typically a lot more in-depth agreement than a Founders agreement.

A Shareholders agreement is for all the individuals who own part of business. Those may or may not be founders. It includes provisions such as:

The respective Founder agreement in India and classes of shares of each shareholder
Dilution rights
Vesting stipulations and cliff periods
Investor time and attention
Intellectual Property Project
Conflicts of interest
Non-compete provision
Tag along and drag along rights (makes it simpler to offer a business).
Right of first rejection (if an investor wishes to sell his/her shares.
Deadlock provisions.
Ballot powers.
Dividend policies (start-ups generally have no dividend policies).
Transfer of shares.
Required transfer of shares (e.g. due to death).
Issuing of more shares.
A Founders Agreement is normally more of a promise, a description of intention between 2 or more creators to develop something together. It might detail the function of each founder, however it is necessary to put in location an investors agreement once the business wases established.

Even though you can quickly find investor or creator arrangement templates on the internet, those will not be bespoke to your service and I strongly recommend you get a professional lawyer to prepare this agreement for you.

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