From the French revolution to Queen Victoria, from Alexandra, the queen of Wales to Audrey Hepburn, the mistress of hearts, chokers have come a long way. They travelled through centuries, continents and conventions and yet they never lost their appeal to the Fashion universe. They have been insignias of exaltation to martyrs, rune of rebels and indicators of class in society. And now this piece of historical magnificence has made a comeback in the era of experimentation. It deserves better than to be just black and basic!

So we at Kerry Parker designed a colossal range of Chokers that are anything but boring! When it comes to these neck charms we like to play with sequins and fur and jewels and crystals and what not. Here are some of the most offbeat pieces, that can slide their way to make any look way more tantalizing.

  1. For the love of pink -Ruffled pink tulle layered with pearly stars. This piece is the epitome of grace and we are sure your neck is tempted!
  2. Animal print faux leather chokers -made from cruelty-free leather, these fierce pieces have a feral touch to them. A perfect partner for everything from off-shoulders to biker jackets.

3. Floral Fantasies- If you are into bohemian looks, then you can accessorize your hippie outfits with these gorgeous and exclusive pieces. Made with jewel and pearl encrusted hand-made florets, sewn to perfection, these floral chokers are a refreshing twist to most existing pieces. Recently, Maisie Williams was seen donning a gorgeous embellished floral choker at the London critic circle film awards and she truly looked like a million dreams.

4.Victorian whispers- Audrey Hepburn meets the new age Prima Donna, these are a classic combination of finesse and feline. Copiously layered with asymmetric and hand-sewn jewels on soft satin and faux fur fabrics. Celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner seem to have special love for jewelled chokers.

5.Camouflage studded- Military printed hand cut vegan leather fitted with pointy silver studs. An all-time favourite with supermodel Gigi Hadid, who has been spotted rocking multi-layered studded chokers more than once.

The entire range of chokers has been designed with vegan leather- Vegan leather looks and feels exactly like leather, but does not involve any abuse or brutality towards animals in the process of its synthesis.  While choosing your choker remember, if you are looking for something for everyday styling, choose a minimalistic piece that can easy slip into any look – casual or chic. If you are choosing for a particular outfit, try out something that gives your look a one-up, something embellished or jewelled or floral.

A studded choker gives a bolder and exotic look and can be perfectly be styled with street looks. If you are new to this trend, try out the floral ones first, they are super easy to style and have a feminine tinge. They can also be accessorized as a part of your traditional outfits, a luxury that most other chokers don’t provide.

Check out the website now, before you lose out on all the hand-made limited edition pieces of studded, ruffled, jewelled and floral chokers.