How to Approach Top Executive Search Firms?

If you are working at the same position for quite some time now and planning to speed up your career growth by searching for a better job, you surely must have thought of approaching an executive search firm.

Collaborating with a potent executive search firm is the most effective way to accelerate your job search and find better opportunities, however, it is essential to have a plan to go about it. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind before you approach an executive search firm.

  1. Create a resume that reflects your competencies

Most people tend to place their latest experience on the top of their resume. However, you have to be a little strategic while structuring your resume.

First, you have to fully comprehend what your resume communicates. Be patient while you are writing down your accomplishments. Your resume has to position you the right way by demonstrating your strong points, main differentiators and also the business responsibilities and challenges that you wish to take on.

  1. Recognize the recruiters of your industry

It is advisable to know in advance which all organizations in your industry have open positions. Otherwise, you are going to waste a lot of time on yourself as well as the executive search firm that you have associated yourself with.

  1. Create an effective cover letter

In order to receive a positive response from a recruiter, make sure you write an effective cover letter or else an e-note. The cover letter should include your career goals, main achievements or qualifications, and other crucial information including your salary expectations and whether you are willing to relocate or not.

Be careful about the information that you put in your cover letter. Try to include the information that is relevant and will help the recruiter judge whether you are right for the position or not. Basically, save the valuable time of the recruiter and don’t let your cover letter to go unread.

  1. Attain a helpful and positive attitude

Just remember one thing that the recruiter is not paid to get you the perfect job, on the other hand, they receive payments by their client-companies to fill their vacant positions.

So, you got to do a reality check before approaching a recruiter. As there is a possibility that they might not be interested to interview you or make a conversation with you over the phone if they feel that there is no perfect position available for you at that point of time.

However, speaking to a recruiter never goes waste as you can build a strong relationship with them which can be mutually beneficial in nature. This way, you can help them identify candidates that may have the potential to fill open positions. And in return, they can find you a suitable job when possible.

Allying with top executive search firms along with leadership consulting firms is the most effective way for enhancing the speed of your career. But you have to ensure that you follow all the things mentioned above in this article.