What & How to use Amway SA8 Product Liquid Concentrated Laundry Detergent?

Amway SA8

SA8 Detegent is a world only Nature-Friendly Product Detergent.

SA8 stands for Surface Active 8, and 8 represent the 8 ingredients.

Amway SA8 Stain Remover for Clothes

SA8 is Amway second product and it is liquid concentrated laundry detergent. It is most trusted and consumed across the world due to amazing quality. Amway is a company which gives everyone(18+) opportunity to become an entrepreneur with investing time and effort.

Amway SA8


Amway SA8 ECO-Friendly

Amway products are environmental friendly means they designed such a way so that it won’t harm the nature and environment. Even its plastic bottle is biodegradable. Amway SA8 washed water work can be used in agriculture or for plants as fertilizers because it’s organic product and doesn’t have any harmful product which harms the nature. So, it also helps in maintaining the quality of water.  Water consumption is very less at time of washing clothes due to low foam formation and less energy is exhausted.

And all detergents in the market contain NPEs (Nonylphenol ethoxylates) which are toxic to nature and environment. SA8 is the only product in the market which doesn’t contain NPEs.

Amway SA8 Trusted Product

As Amway SA8 product (Liquid Concentrated Laundry) is most trusted and consumed the product in the market those who know about it. A survey is done in Jan 2007 for SA8 quality and trust in the market from users and it got result 99/100. It is the only brand that got this score.

Amway SA8

SA8 is Phosphate free and Dermatological tested.

It has dual-enzyme performance that removes tough stains easily in just single wash.

SA8 pre-treat cleans, softens and brightens in one step. It has natural softener which makes clothes silky, soft, smooth and maintains natural color of clothes. It never fades the color of clothes.

The fluorescent whiting agent is found in SA8, which helps to maintain brightness for a long time & prevent from fading.

It doesn’t contain phosphate, chlorine, and EDTA.

With lots of benefits, let’s see its consumption and costing & how it’s economical for you.

1 cupful = 20 ML
1. Large Machine (45  – 70 L) – 20 ML
2. Medium Machine (30 – 45 L) – 15 ML
3. Small Machine (20 – 30 L) – 10 ML

1 Litre of SA8 cleans up to 100 plus wash loads.
1L SA8 cost you for Rs 885.

Now, do an exercise calculate the costing of your one wash.

Comment its answer.