Amazing recipe ideas for house parties

If there is a party or a get together at home people mostly order food from outside so that it gets delivered at home right on time and the hosts do not have to take stress about it.

But what if one wants to cook for their guests or friends who are attending the party? Well, there are some amazing recipe magazines in Hindi from where one can take idea. Here are some dishes that one can try.

Grilled fish with salsa

If you are fish lover, then this can be the perfect dish for you. Take some fish fillets and coat it with a mix of cumin seeds, lime juice, garlic cloves and olive oil. Then roast it or grill it for a few minutes before serving. Do not forget to dress it with some fresh slice of tomatoes and coriander leaves. You can also add sauce of your own choice.

Corn Fritters

This is a snack which is absolutely lip smacking. Here the clusters of corn are mixed with gram flour and then they are crispy fried with some addition of spices. One can also add some roasted bell pepper sauce to make it tastier.

Sesame Crusted Chicken

This is a baked snack item and it is very easy to make. In fact, those who are health conscious, this can be a saviour to them in the crowd of oily food piles. Have them with some tangy tomato chutney.

Batata Vada

For those who loves to eat potatoes this dish is specifically for them. Here, in this dish the potatoes are mashed well and then mixed with masalas. Then they are coated with besan and finally deep fried in hot oil. Have it hot with some tangy chutney.

Spicy Chicken

People who loves spicy non vegetarian dishes, this is a must try for them. In this dish, chicken is first steam cooked. After that it is marinated with very intense spices and deeply fried. This is the spiciest dish available in this region.

Medu Vada

These are very tasty and crispy. This snack item is mainly made from Uraad Daal and one can easily have them with some spicy coconut chutney if they want. This vada as a softer inside and crispy outside and not even as a snack but one can also have it as a side dish with their main course lunch or dinner.

Poha Idli

Poha is a kind of flattened rice and the batter is made with it along with uraad daal and idli rice. As a result, one can get soft and fluffy idli.

Egg Dosa

Have you ever hear about this amazing combination of dosas and eggs? If no, then you should know that this is a very healthy breakfast recipe. This is a thin layer of crispy dosa and a half fried egg on top of it.

All of these dishes can really put the party on fire as people will love them. Add some mocktails with these dishes and serve. One can also get some recipe tips in Hindi from cook books.