7 Organising Hacks for Large and Still Growing Families

Storage for growing families

If you ask the parents of big families how they manage, most of them will tell you that getting by every day is all about being fiercely organised. Whether it’s about keeping their sometimes chaotic household clean and orderly, preparing healthy family meals, and making time for each other, it always boils down to efficient planning, management and discipline.

They always research for ways to make day-to-day living more convenient and comfortable for everyone. At the same time, they make sure to invest in provisions that can help them simplify their life.

If you have a growing family and keeping things organised is turning out to be an intermittent problem, here are hacks that can help you:

1. Stop buying cheap toys for the kids

Cheap toys often come in a set and, most of the time, a number of the included items in the pack are not that interesting for the children. So, avoid the clutter by being more “intentional” with purchases. Invest in quality over quantity, and make sure that everybody can share the toys.

2. Follow the “one in, one out” policy

Every time you add one thing to your children’s wardrobe, toys, or school supplies, subtract one from the collection. As much as possible, maintain an established number or the same amount of things for everyone.

3. Rent a storage unit

When you have a lot of children, you need all the free space that you can get. Create more open spaces in your residence by putting the items that your family does not regularly use in a storage facility.

Seasonal clothing, the toys your older children have outgrown but the smaller kids cannot use yet, extra furniture, dinnerware, and other stuff you barely touch but cannot seem to part ways with should be taken out of your home and moved to a self-storage unit.

4. Have a thorough clean-up by the pros at least once every two months

Parents of big families say this is a great way to refresh their minds and their home. Employing the help of professional cleaners every now and then makes the cleanliness level of the house significantly better.

Cleaning pros will not only sweep and mop up the floors, but will deep clean the entire household, and take care of even hard-to-reach areas of your home. This will definitely make subsequent cleaning and maintenance so much easier.

Plus, this strategy presents the perfect opportunity to get the children out of the house, and for the family to enjoy some time together outdoors.

5. Invest in cubbies

These help ensure there are assigned storage spaces for every family member’s belongings. Place them by the entryway of your home to prevent your kids from leaving their stuff in the middle of the floor when they get home from school.

Additionally, having enough cubbies for everyone means your children’s things do not get mixed up with each other’s which, in turn, ensures fewer fights between the young ones.

6. Use a colour coding system

Provide your children with a sense of ownership and responsibility by colour coding their things. Assigning a colour for them is an effective behaviour modification tactic. By identifying a colour as theirs, they learn which items they can use and which are “no-nos” because they belong to their siblings.

7. Be generous with rewards

Rewards or prizes reinforce good behaviour, and when it comes to keeping your home organised, it always helps to ingrain in everybody that something good comes out of being a team player.

Hopefully, as the children get older, they will learn that an organised home is the best reward, and that it becomes the high standard they would happily uphold at all times.

Be a big, happy family together

Having a big family can be chaotic at times, but your home does not need to be in constant disarray because of its size.

By applying these organisation hacks, chaos at home will just be because everybody is having fun, and not because of the clutter and how people cannot find what they need.

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