5 Things You Should Consider Before Upgrading Your Gadgets

Receiving your 13th-month pay and Christmas bonus along with the vast sales popping here and there, it is tempting to upgrade one’s gadgets. We may be thinking that it is an excellent time to buy new tech things and hoping to get better and fast Internet connection. But are these reasons worth for your paychecks? Here are five things you should take note of upgrading your gadgets:

New gadgets do not equate to fast Internet

With the world that we are living in where we look forward to quick and reliable solutions and matters, fast Internet is a must. If you are thinking that getting new gadgets automatically means better Internet connection, you might be wrong. There are a lot of factors that affect one’s Internet connection.

User experience might be compromised when you are using low-end gadgets, but it doesn’t mean that your Internet connection is weak. But again, new devices do not equate to faster Internet connection since you need to know the products’ specifications.

Is it really on sale?

We might be lured with the flashing red banners and make it easy for us to spend our bonuses on these new gadgets. But you should be extra careful with what you see in malls and online! Ask yourself, is it really on sale?

You might be thinking that you are saving hundreds or even thousands of pesos if you buy now and maximize the opportunity at hand. But if you come to think of it, sales and discounts are always there. Besides, not all units and gadgets are affected. Sad to say but holiday season and payout dates are the favorites of the company to attract customers with “sale” and “discounts.”

For example, you are buying a phone that is formerly PHP 15,000, and now it’s for PHP 12,000. Hooray! You saved PHP 3,000, right? Well, you just spent PHP 12,000 while believing that you “saved” a few thousand.

New releases are just around the corner

Related to the previous point about supposedly saving or making the most of your money is this: new releases are just around the corner. Again, Yuletide season and payout days are the companies’ favorites to announce sales and discounts. Though it is tempting and you might believe that you do not have any other chance to buy “cheaper” better gadget, think again.

New releases mean new products on line, also associates with less expensive “older” units. Moreover, most of the gadgets particularly mobile phones easily monetarily depreciate. If you believe buying as soon as possible because of the sale, but you are out of the budget, think again. There might be better days ahead to make that purchase.


Dwelling in more with the technical aspect, better look at the products’ specifications. If you are buying something that is “lower” than your previous gadget, why are you buying a new one? Is it because the brand is more famous or just to say that you have a new one? It would be a better reason that you are getting new stuff because you are upgrading for good reasons.

We are not required to be 100% tech savvy but at least exert some effort in doing your homework. Research what are the differences between your different options for cell phones, laptops or cameras. If you are finding a hard time, maybe you can ask a friend, relative or workmate to help you decide. Read product reviews to get a better look at the products but make sure you are viewing the legitimate ones! You can also ask the salespersons and they are probably ready and willing to help you out.

Urgency and importance

To put an end to this shortlist of the things you should take note of when buying new tech stuff are urgency and importance. Most, if not all of us, would love to have fresh gadgets, right? However, we should know the rationale behind purchasing new materials. Is it a need, not want? Is it something urgent or can wait?

We may have different reasons why we are purchasing new gadgets or things in general. At the end of the day, we should not forget to weigh the pros and cons of whatever our actions are. Avoid rationalizing your act with “I deserve this” because you will be surprised that you don’t have enough money for your real needs or maybe, you bought wrong things. So better know yourself and think twice, thrice or more than that!