10 best careers for human resource professional

So, now that you have completed your Masters in human resource, what are your future plans? Have you zeroed upon which stream will you join? Confused! Well, studying about tackling and managing the human resource is not just all about it. The role of a human resource manager has multiplied in a manifold, which has led to the establishment of various departments within. A graduate has to now choose a field in which would like to make their career and specialize in it. Obviously, it depends upon a person’s general interest but the more you dive into this field the more you will come to know about the powerful roles an HR can play.

Choosing a niche isn’t easy but one has to make a decision. Thus, being aware of the details of the role is an essential part of the process. To help you out in deciding on the field to choose, here are the 10 career options which you can proceed with after completing your degree in human resource.

  1. Human Resources Manager- In this setup, the HR Manager oversees the organizations strategies, employee engagement, and communicate with the employees.
  2. Nonprofit Human Resources Expert- Under this system, the human resource person guides the employee through various stages of recruitment and make them clear with the procedures.
  3. HR Consultant- With conglomerates becoming the rage this day, companies require an external human resource to manage issues, especially during mergers and acquisitions.
  4. International Human Resources Professional- Under this, the chief human resource officer, gets to hire for global positions, implementing national laws and compliance.
  5. Chief HR Officer- The chief human resource officer is one of the most powerful roles in this forum, wherein the person designs strategies, policies, sets goals for an organization.
  6. Training & Development Manager- As the name suggests, the role of the HR here is to hold workshops, training sessions to develop the employee’s skill set and train them to perform better in the job.
  7. Employee Education Consultant- This role is a combination of training and development leader along with a career consultant. In this role, the concerned professional human resource person helps to upgrade the skill set of the employees.
  8. HR Entrepreneur- This role is basically of a headhunter; whose motto is to develop a recruitment firm and later assign the job of hiring people to subordinates.
  9. Executive Recruiter- This role is for all those who are good with communication and believes in building a relationship, in this role one has to find the right person to fill the job at the executive level.
  10. Human Resources IT Specialist- The information technology industry has been a witness to maximum changes in technology and new advanced tools. An aspiring  professional human resource with an interest in software and hardware can sync in their choice to become a Human Resource IT specialist, helping an organization stay advanced and updated.